A Beyond The Frame presentation of

A Victor Schonfeld production

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This film was made by

Victor Schonfeld
Myriam Alaux
Philip Windeatt
Anthea Kennedy
Russell Crockett
Kevin Keating

Produced & Directed by
Victor Schonfeld
& Myriam Alaux

Written & Edited by
Victor Schonfeld

Julie Christie

Kevin Keating

British Locations
Chris Morphet
Nic Knowland
Jeff Baynes
Roger Deakins

Sound Recordists
Victor Schonfeld
& Myriam Alaux

Original Music
Composed & Played by
Robert Wyatt

Recorded at
Waves Records Ltd
Ian Marlow

Research & Production Assistance
Philip Windeatt
& Russell Crockett

Assistant Editor
Anthea Kennedy

Sound Editor
Alan Mackay

Archival Research
Victor Schonfeld
& Philip Windeatt

Additional Cinematography
Scott Morris
Victor Schonfeld
Anton Von Munster

Assistant Cameraman
John Heller

Additional Sound Recording
Jon Saunders
Bob Bentley
Godfrey Kirby
Ray Beckett

Rostrum Camera
Andy Cottom

Sound Mixed At

Sound Mixer
Tony Anscombe

Opening song
'Mind' by Talking Heads

Additional Music by
Ben Mason

Executive Producer
Pegeen Fitzgerald